Muslim Women's Alliance of San Diego's Tea Party

Muslim Women's Alliance of San Diego' s Tea Party



On an early evening in late October, the opportunity to photograph an event for the Muslim Women's Alliance of San Diego was presented to me. I gladly accepted and anticipated the event for months. The event, an Afternoon Tea & Luncheon, honored females - the young and the wise- and celebrated community.

An hour before the tea and hors devours were enjoyed, vendors from across the So-Cal region gathered to present their products. I spotted (and bought) hand-crafted necklaces, earrings, and rings, and photographed vibrant and gorgeous hijabs and dresses.

Most importantly though, local speakers empowered the women through Q&A and used storytelling to bring them together. Overall, it was a day full of inspiration and joy!

View more phots from the event, here.


Maternity Style

Maternity Style

This week's blog highlights Melissa and Steven Cavanaugh's maternity photo shoot south of Coronado, in San Diego County. 

A spur-of-the-moment decision to shoot on an eastern-beach unofficial trail instead of the Coronado sand dunes proved to be the best decision of the day. The trail was just north of the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge Complex and provided depth of field and organic hues to die for. 

Melissa was stunning in her white bohemian maxi dress and Steven's adoration for his wife and bundle of joy was beautiful. Bono, aka Napoleon Bonaparte, was the fierce icing on the cake. 


What to Wear for a Photo Shoot

What to Wear for a Photo Shoot

This week I'm focusing on color. According to psychology, wearing red and purple shades are good for the soul for various reasons- but these 5 are my faves!

  1. Happiness. I've never seen anyone wear magenta without joy permeating from their face.
  2. Peace. The mind and soul are put at ease with a violet shade.
  3. Inspiration. People around you will feel safe and strong as you exude confidence wearing red. 
  4. Creativity. I dare you to wear a shade of burgundy lipstick without wanting to dance, write or sing like a sweet fool. #instagood!
  5. Attraction. Wine is the new black. Why wear a black tank when you can boast a top the same color as your favorite cabernet? If anything, it's spill proof! 

Don't forget to bookmark this blog on Pinterest. You'll want to reference it the next time you look through your closet before a photoshoot.

Until then, my hope for you is to unleash your soul and embrace your inner artist. Your eyes, mind and closet will thank you! 

Travel Destination: Coronado Island in San Diego

One of my favorite pastimes in San Diego is cruising over to Coronado island via ferry from downtown San Diego. An outing that is fun no matter how old you are or whether you're a local or a tourist. Staycation anyone?

For longer than a decade my family has traveled to the island every Fourth of July, to marvel at the sparks in the sky, and to get into squirt-gun fights with the boats at the Coronado Yacht Club. 

But I digress. Here is one of my favorite photo shoots with my cousin's family of 6- 4 of which are girls under the age of 6.


The day was filled with laughter, the softness of the sun, but mostly the occasional tear- because how else are you supposed to feel when you accidentally fall in the grand 'ol pacific ocean when you're 4, or need to pee ASAP? 

Really though, the magic was in the messy moments, and those are always cherished tenfold.

If you're looking for a photographer to capture your trip to Coronado Island, you can book a session here

Holly & Drew Clinton


This Arlington, Texas couple confirms everything I know to be true about human beings.

Inherently good, always love, and bright as the bloody sun.

Photographing Holly and Drew Clinton in Torrey Pines, La Jolla was like meeting friends you've never met, but somehow will forever be connected to. Innately drawn to laughter, and bound by mutual appreciation of sand and stone.

Angelique & Reese

Del Mar is a magical place. A seashell pressed to the ear, a shawl floating in the wind, skipping rocks along the ocean surface = all enchanting, all effortless. 

Angelique captivates; Reece charms. Both qualities apparent and dearly loved in these photographs. 


It's crazy how a song can ignite a multitude a series of memories and emotions. A melody unites friends, comforts the grieving, and defines celebrations. 

Yet, most look perplexed when asked what the simple question, "What's your favorite song?"

It might be because a flood of memories come rushing into our brains, that we can't keep up with the chaos. Or maybe because the song is so silly, or a guilty pleasure, that we can't dare utter such words. Or perhaps, it's the fact that we can't pinpoint one song that defines our ever-changing personas in this beautiful life. 

So, when I asked Adam this question while photographing him in La Jolla, it wasn't at all surprising that he burst into uncontrollable, snort-cackling laughter. His response was exactly everything I expected -and happily- more.