Travel Destination: Coronado Island in San Diego

One of my favorite pastimes in San Diego is cruising over to Coronado island via ferry from downtown San Diego. An outing that is fun no matter how old you are or whether you're a local or a tourist. Staycation anyone?

For longer than a decade my family has traveled to the island every Fourth of July, to marvel at the sparks in the sky, and to get into squirt-gun fights with the boats at the Coronado Yacht Club. 

But I digress. Here is one of my favorite photo shoots with my cousin's family of 6- 4 of which are girls under the age of 6.


The day was filled with laughter, the softness of the sun, but mostly the occasional tear- because how else are you supposed to feel when you accidentally fall in the grand 'ol pacific ocean when you're 4, or need to pee ASAP? 

Really though, the magic was in the messy moments, and those are always cherished tenfold.

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