Please examine this contract thoroughly. Your electronic signature below confirms your agreement to the contract on this page.

1. The photographer will be required to take photos of your event. The client will provide a clear itinerary for the photographer, detailing where and when the photographer should be at any given time during the day. Addresses for all locations should be included.

2. In case of inclement weather, the photographer reserves the right to discontinue any outdoor photography that might be detrimental to the photographer’s equipment.

3. The photographer will process and return the best-edited photos to the client in digital format via an online file sharing site (Pixieset) within 10 days of the event.

4. The photographer will turn over all rights to photographs to the client. The photographer reserves the right to use photos for her website and portfolio.

5. If the photographer is asked by the client to take photographs beyond the paid period on the contracted event date, the cost is $100 per hour. Any money paid to the photographer is non-refundable with no exceptions. 

6. In the case of event cancellation or change of date, the client may not request any refund from the photographer, nor be used toward another photography service offered by Velzy & Reed. 

7. In the case of a change of event dates, the client will forfeit any amounts paid to the photographer and this contract will be nullified. If the client would still like the photographer to capture their event, a new contract and payment will have to be scheduled for the new date. 

8. In the unforeseeable case of equipment malfunction, theft of equipment, incidental damage to digital media, "acts of God," or any other instance in which the client does not receive their digital photographs, the photographer will return the full amount paid to him by client. The photographer is not, in any case, liable for any amount greater than what was paid. 

9. Velzy and Reed is not responsible for any errors in color, clarity or quality incurred in the process of printing the digital files given to the client. By filling out the form below, the client and photographer agree to all terms and conditions listed in this document.